10 years young

I Heart Studios was established in 2011 with
the vision to deliver distinctive, affordable
high-quality visual content for fashion &
lifestyle industries.

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Our Philosophy

We are a content creation agency – designed to deliver on our clients’ business challenges, objectives and needs. Our objective is to enhance, amplify and add value to your brand.

We collaborate and like to build partnerships as we take a keen interest in delivering content that enables our clients to maximise the impact of great content to their businesses.

We are B2B, but we think B2C and D2C. This means that we understand customer journeys and the impact of storytelling through the power of visual content. We also understand the internal processes of content creation and use technology to assist with this to make working with I Heart as pleasurable as possible.

Our thinking is boundaryless and focussed on creating solutions. We believe that each engagement is unique in nature and we are proud of our approach to create tailored responses, based on our established processes, independent of the size of the project or business.

Our commitment

Our mindset is focussing on delivering one-stop-shop solutions that complement and integrate with your processes and organisational needs.

We deliver high-quality visual content within your timeline through our I Heart workflow.

Confidentiality and secure management of your products/assets is one of the key pillars on which we are built.

Your success is our success. This is our commitment as a partner – and you can rely on I Heart to deliver, whenever and wherever you need us.

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Our case studies

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Havaianas embodies the fun, vibrant and spontaneous way of Brazilian life. 

Sabry Marouf

Sabry Marouf

From Middle Eastern roots to London where the brand has been based, Sabry Marouf’s creations pay tribute to their heritage.

Le Chameau

Le Chameau

Footwear and accessories that represent the traditional French heritage.

Our insights
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Is the video the new photo?

Is the video the new photo?

Adding a more dynamic video that inspires the consumer will stimulate consumer purchase behaviour.

Visual consistency is key 視覺內容一致性是關鍵

Visual consistency is key 視覺內容一致性是關鍵

Brand/retail visualisation needs to be coherent and consistent across all communication channels.

I Heart Art Insider – Amy Maria Tong

I Heart Art Insider – Amy Maria Tong

Amy Maria Tong – a Hong Kong based artist who creates paintings, sculptures, and installations.


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