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My work is a window to my parallel world where we can all belong, where the beauty of the Japanese Edo period clashes with the power of present symbols of Western culture and modernity.

Explore the inner world of the pop art artist and the founder of SHISHIDOMIA, Sayuri, who is deeply influenced by Japanese and Latin culture.
探索波普藝術 (pop art) 家及 SHISHIDOMIA 創辦人 – Sayuri 受到日本及拉丁文化熏陶的內心世界。
  •  Can you tell us about your background? How does your cultural background impact you?
  • 你可能介紹自己的背景嗎?文化背景對你帶來甚麼影響嗎?

I’m an Asian-Latino raised in a mixed-race family, my mom is Colombian, and my dad is Japanese. My family background allowed me to experience the intricate beauty of both cultures. As a half-Japanese woman, I lived in Japan, one of the most homogeneous countries in the world. Until 3 years ago, I decided to move to the United States to start a new chapter in my life.

我是一名成長於不同文化背景的亞裔拉丁人,我的母親是哥倫比亞人,我的父親是日本人。我的家庭背景讓我去體驗兩種不同文化的美。作為一個有一半日本血統的女人,我曾生活於日本 – 一個全世界最單一的國家之一。直至3年前,我決定移居去美國展開新生活。

I kept searching for a sense of belonging for a long time. I have always questioned my nationality, ethnicity, and even physical appearance. These forced me to develop my own “place,” where I can be Japanese, Colombian, or whomever I want to be without worrying about other people’s opinions or expectations.
我曾經有一段很長的時間去尋找歸屬感。我時常對自己的國籍、種族、甚至 physical appearance 感到疑惑。這些疑惑強迫我去建立屬於我自己的 “地方”,一個不需去介懷其他人意見及期望的日本人、哥倫比亞人、甚至乎其他我想成為的任何人。
  • Which artists are you most influenced by?
  • 影響你最深的藝術家是誰?
In order of importance, I would say Fujiko Fujio and Tezuka Osamu for manga and anime, Katsushika Hokusai and Ito Jakuchu for traditional drawing, and JR for photography and composition.

以重要程度來排位, 日本漫畫及動畫對我有比較深的影響力是 Fujiko Fujio 及 Tezuka Osamu、傳統繪畫是 Katsushika Hokusai 及 Ito Jakuchu,而攝影及結構組合是 JR。

  •  How is your personality reflected in your work?
  • 你的性格如何反映出你的作品?
I think my personality is not reflected in my work but my inner self. I’m shy and do not always show my emotions and feelings. However, my artworks reveal my vision of the world – an energetic world full of colourful aspects.
我想我的作品並未有反映我的性格,但反映出我內心世界。我是一個害羞的人,因此並不會經常表露出我的情緒及感受。我的作品投射了我對世界的看法 – 一個活力充沛且多姿多彩的世界。
I think my work is a window to my parallel world where we can all belong, where the beauty of the Japanese Edo period clashes with the power of present symbols of Western culture and modernity.
  •  Are there any particular reasons for creating Japanese Edo girls as the main characters in your artwork?
  • 有甚麼特別原因去創造出日本江戶時代女孩成為你作品中的主要角色嗎?
I created Japanese Edo girls as the main characters to represent the people during the Edo period while Japan had severely limited relations and trade between other foreign countries. So the Japanese Edo girls in my work portray the traditional Japanese characters experiencing the foreign influence on their life and culture while contacting the western world for the first time.
我創立日本江戶時代女孩為主要角色去代表當時的日本於江戶時代採取 「鎖國政策」,只與其他國家進行有限度的商品貿易。所以,於我作品出現的江戶時代女孩是描繪傳統日本人第一次接觸到西方世界帶給他們生活及文化上的影響。
  • What inspires you and which inspiration sources do you use?
  • 甚麼能帶給你啟發及你的靈感來源是甚麼?
Art and fashion are my biggest inspirations. Ever since I was a kid, I have loved art and fashion. So I love to feature my favourite fashion brands and fashion styles in my artwork. Also, as a textile designer, it is always fun to design clothing and textile patterns.
  •  What are the best things about being an artist?
  • 作為藝術家最好的事是甚麼?
I can do what I love and wake up every day with a sense of purpose. I also think that my artworks showcase the possibility of a different reality, where being different is ok. We are all beautiful in our way. It’s all about your willingness to see.
  •  How do photography and other art forms work together and influence each other?
  • 你覺得攝影和其他形式的藝術如何相互影響?
Photography allows us to cherish our past, elevate our present, and dream about our future. As an artist, photography allows me to transport my reality to my imaginary world and express my inner self.


Sayuri BIO:
Sayuri is a Japanese artist with strong Latin American roots. Her childhood swayed within the beauty and richness of the Japanese and Colombian cultures; a mixture of flavors and colors that awoke a true passion for art and its power to convey deep social and personal feelings. This effervescent drive led to her enrollment at Tokyo Metropolitan Senior High School of Fine Arts, culminating in her undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Textile Art & Design at Tama Art University in Tokyo, Japan. Shortly after graduation, Sayuri moved to the US to pursue a career as a pop art artist and textile designer.
Sayuri 是一位有著深厚拉美血統的日本藝術家。她的童年在日本和哥倫比亞文化的美麗和豐富中渡過。各種口味和顏色的混合物喚醒了對藝術的真正熱情及其傳達深刻社會和個人感受的力量。這種激動人心的動力使她進入了東京都立高級美術學校,最終在日本東京多摩美術大學紡織藝術與設計學院完成了本科學習。畢業後不久,小百合移居美國,從事波普藝術藝術家和紡織品設計師的職業。

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