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Our services are focussed on your requirements. We develop, create and deliver engaging content that resonates with your brand and DNA and crucially delivers on your objectives.

Our flexible approach means that we can provide everything from single services to a total end-to-end content creation solution.

We treat each project and client as unique, allowing us to define and deploy tailor-made solutions that deliver optimum results, underpinned by the I Heart engine, processes and people.

We have services for all sized businesses and we provide solutions for all challenges – no matter the size, the timeline, or the complexity.

Elite Workforce

Our passionate, talented team has an extensive background in fashion and lifestyle content creation across eCommerce, social media and brand marketing.

In order to provide high-quality photography and videography that enhances brand perception, consumer connectivity and increases sales, we have a finely tuned way of working. Critical workflow management, fast turnaround, and a highly skilled back-of-house support team combine with our class-leading studio infrastructure to deliver a smooth customer experience.

Our workflow and people are mobile and can take our capabilities on location, to deliver eCommerce and creative content whenever and wherever you need it.


The adage that one size doesn’t fit all is definitely true in content creation.

We tailor our services to fit your needs and build solutions that connect seamlessly with your business from start to finish.

Whether you choose an end-to-end solution or a single service from our portfolio, each engagement will be a bespoke journey delivered by our teams across the world, supported by the I Heart engine.

We firmly believe that your success is our success and back this with dedication and ownership in our service delivery.


Engaging eCommerce images and videos play a crucial role in boosting eCommerce sales.

High-quality content consistently increases sales, conversion rates and decreases returns.

The I Heart Studios standards have been developed to deliver quality controlled, consistent, brand DNA and consumer engagement ready visual eCommerce content.

All content is ready to publish and each piece can be fully enriched with metadata to enhance search and consumer journeys.

Packshots, flat-lay shots, table-top, invisible mannequins, body model shots, elevated eCommerce shots and GIFs are among our product offerings.

A male and a female model posing with confidence and raising their hands in a stop sign gesture against a cream-colored backdrop. Model fashion photo photographed by I Heart Studios.


From still-life creative to full-blown editorial or brand marketing creative visual content, our talented teams deliver beautifully crafted content that amplifies your brand.

We are as happy working with existing established brand guidelines or developing new brands and creative boundaries for our clients. We can source, produce and execute the shoot in our studios or on location.

Post shoot, we finish your creative content through our professional post-production setup, complemented by graphic design to enable ready-to-use content. Creative content produced by I Heart can be found in print, OOH, digital, social, in-store, store windows, tradeshows or other applications around the globe.

Come and meet our creative teams, discuss your creative needs and challenge them to deliver brand-enhancing content.

An image of black Vans sneakers with a floral pattern, adorned with a bunch of small yellow flowers against a vibrant yellow background, showcasing a fresh and vibrant vibe. Creative product image photographed by I Heart Studios.


I Heart Studios is more than just a photography and videography studio.

In addition to exceptional shooting services, we offer top-of-the-line post-production services that can transform raw imagery into polished final product images, enhancing your brand’s visual content to the next level.

Brands with in-house photography teams can benefit from our services by sending us their images and a style guide. From background retouching, removing unwanted objects, colour corrections, smoothing clothes creases, image cropping to adding shadows, our team of experts produce high-quality, consistent, and on-brief post-production images in a timely manner that are sure to impress.