I Heart Talent – Carolina Mills

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There are ways to be more sustainable everywhere you look – it’s just about being aware.

  • Can you share your background with us?

I moved from London to Amsterdam 3 years ago, on 2 weeks’ notice, with 50EUR in my bank account. I’d just graduated with a degree in Live Art and had been building a freelance photography career on the side. Moving to Amsterdam, I had to start my whole life from scratch; I worked in hotels, customer service roles and made coffee (very badly). Now I’m the Junior Photographer at I Heart, and it’s my first full-time role doing what I love. Living the dream!

  • What’s your biggest pet peeve?

I think climate change is something that’s on everyone’s mind. I don’t like people sticking their heads in the sand when it comes to collective responsibility, and I think we all have a part to play in making sure we’re doing what we can for the planet – particularly in the industry we are working in.


  • How did you first get interested in environmental issues?

When I started working at the studio, I saw many ways we could improve our workflow to help I Heart, heart the planet (haha). With the help of Tse, our Studio Manager, I’ve set up an initiative to donate our excess colorama paper to local schools. The kids get to use the paper for painting and playing – and we get to re-use what would have previously gone to waste for a good cause. Everyone’s a winner. We now have relationships with 3 local schools in our area who regularly update us on how they’re putting the paper to use. (Photo attached).


  • Can you share some tips on making our workplaces sustainable?

There are ways to be more sustainable everywhere you look – it’s just about being aware. We have a collective document circulating at the Studio, which we’re all contributing to with ways we can help out – it’s a team effort for a good cause 🙂

  • What is your favourite music?

My dad raised me as a die-hard QUEEN fan – I still like to put on a bit of Freddie on a Saturday morning to make me feel more at home.