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Lines, layers, and impasto have always been at the core of my paintings.

The exclusive Soluna Fine Art Gallery artist, Rosalyn Ng, will show her paintings on Art Central from 26 to 29 May 2022 in Hong Kong. In this interview, Rosalyn shares the concept of creations and the artistic styles of her paintings.


  • Can you tell us a bit about yourself? How did you get into art?

I am a Hong Kong-based artist who studied Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art and Design in London. After graduating, I spent a couple of years working before becoming a full-time artist.


I have had an interest in painting since childhood. It is something I really love to explore and still do.

  • Your art project ‘Lyrical Compound’ will be showing in Art Central from 26 – 29 May 2022. What is the project all about? What do you want your audiences to experience through your art pieces?


The series ‘Lyrical Compound’ portrays and translates nascent emotions into expressions. While I am involved in this active process, my purpose fundamentally lies in inspiring the viewers to capture the multidimensional layers juxtaposed under bold colours and manifold textures. My paintings express the spontaneous movement of forms with a natural balance of imaginaire, exploring different techniques and creating textures.


I hope that my paintings genuinely surprise my audiences. In this way, I hope to create a moment of mixed feelings: a blend of complications, bitterness, and sweetness whilst the works are being looked at. My further hope is that the details of the mark-making and the silhouettes crafted within the work intrigue the audience.

  • It was a change in your artistic style by comparing your work created in 2021 and 2022. Can you share the evolution process and the concept behind it?


From 2019 to 2021, I focused on working on various kinds of paper work. As an artist, I think most of the time, we create a piece of work with a particular medium impulsively; for example, we tend to use oil paint as the medium for painting as this is one of the conventional practices. But other mediums like charcoal, pastel and pencil are great tools to create amazing paper work. And I love the spark while using different mediums to compose a painting.


Then I shifted to work on canvas work in the second half of the year 2021. During that time, I was curious about rebuilding my previous work with re-examination and re-contextualisation. Therefore, I created a new series of canvas work, and the concept is to combine some of my previous paintings and re-create them into a new piece of canvas work, e.g., collage painting on canvas. Even though my canvas work look quite different and visually stronger than my paper work, both share the same foundations and ideas. Lines, layers, and impasto have always been at the core of my paintings, and these painting elements are infused and illustrated in my canvas work.

  • What projects are you working on at the moment?

I am gearing up for an exhibition opening at YueJin Art Museum in Taiwan this summer.


  • What other mediums or artistic styles are you looking forward to experimenting with in the future?

I will continue to develop both paper work and canvas work, or use the characteristics of both to transform a new painting method or a new kind of work. And I’m looking forward to exploring the future possibilities of working on another art exhibition with Soluna Fine Art Gallery.

Rosalyn Ng BIO:

Rosalyn Ng (b. 1993) graduated from Chelsea College of Art, London, with a major in Fine Art in 2015. Rosalyn’s works translate nascent emotions into organic mark-making expressions. While she is involved in the active creation process, her purpose lies in captivating the viewers through her signature multidimensional layers juxtaposed against the bold colors and textures. Despite the spontaneous placements of colors, forms, and strong medium expressions, Rosalyn’s paintings are naturally balanced with imaginaires alluding to recognizable sceneries. This irony between spontaneity and imagination might be because her practice is constantly experiencing ‘yearning’ for the ‘ideal’ in combination with explorations of freedom. However, her ‘ideal’ forms in the canvas very often contradict herself resulting in recalibrations of her core beliefs, fears, and desires during the process of making. After graduation, Rosalyn has been diligently committed to her artistic practice by developing different styles and obtaining formal education in art criticism. Her works have been exhibited in London, Amsterdam, and Hong Kong from several online to offline exhibitions and publications, including an upcoming feature in Floorr Magazine from London. She will have her first solo exhibition in YueJin Art Museum in Taiwan in 2022.

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