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I Heart Art Insider – Interview with Celine Lam

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The imagery of folded numbers symbolizes the oppression of individuals who are confined within boxes, and the individuals become numbers and losing their identities in the process.

Embark on an artistic journey with Celine Lam through this artist interview. Dive into her artistic world and discover her unique vision, her creative process, and the messages that lie within her captivating artwork. 



  • Can you tell us about your background and how you became an artist?

My name is Celine Lam, and I am a mixed-media artist from Hong Kong. I attended Rhode Island School of Design where I studied painting. Ever since I was young, I have had a passion for art, and becoming an artist was always the path I envisioned for myself.

Growing up in a multicultural environment allowed me to explore various art mediums. My diverse background is reflected in my choice of materials. I find joy in experimenting with different media and playing around with objects in my artwork.



  • What influences your artistic style and process?

I am drawn to abstract images and the element of “accidents” in my artistic process. My style is heavily influenced by philosophies and Chinese art, and I often incorporate ink, rice paper, and collages in my paintings and installations.

One philosophy that greatly influences my art creation is Yin and Yang. I am fascinated by the interplay between positive and negative aspects of life and explore topics that capture my interest. I perceive everything in life as existing on a spectrum with two opposing poles.

Chinese ink painting was the first art medium I learned in elementary school. I had a teacher who specialized in Chinese ink painting, and she nurtured my interest in it. Ever since, I have been captivated by the fluidity of ink and the delicate texture of rice paper.

  • Where did you get your inspiration?

I often get inspiration in everyday life by exploring my inner self and comparing it to the world around me. I enjoy finding connections between things that completely unrelated. Difficult times and strong emotions also serve as sources of inspiration for me. When I encounter intense emotions,  I sometimes come up with images that accurately describe the abstract feelings I have in those moments.



  • Can you share the creative process with us?

I am constantly inspired throughout the day, whether it’s by interacting with the world or contemplating things on my own late at night. Whenever an idea strikes, I try to act on it immediately. If the timing or environment isn’t suitable, I make sure to take notes so that I can execute the ideas later.



  • Is there any particular message you want to deliver to your audiences through your artwork?

In my artwork, I aim to evoke emotions that encourage people to reflect on various life events and stages. Additionally, I utilize my art as a means to convey political messages. 

For my Chinese manuscript artwork, each piece features a folded collage of a Chinese character on top. These characters represent numbers written in traditional Chinese manuscripts. The imagery of folded numbers symbolizes the oppression of individuals who are confined within boxes, the individuals become numbers and lose their identities in the process.

  • What other mediums or artistic styles are you looking forward to experimenting with in the future?

I am interested in exploring installations and sculptures as mediums for my artistic experimentation. My goal is to create immersive experiences that engage people on a deeper level. Working with 3-D and immersive spaces through installations provides me with opportunities to expand my creative horizons.



  • How do photography and other art forms work together and influence each other?

Photography makes art more accessible on the internet to audiences who cannot visit art in person. It can exist as an art medium on its own and also participate in other art forms, adding more layers to the artworks and bringing a sense of “reality”.

About Celine Lam

Celine Lam (b.1999) is a mixed media artist based in Brooklyn. She studied painting at Rhode Island School of Design with minors in Theory and History of Art and Design, and Drawing. Her practice revolves around political events, subtle human interactions, under the context of polarities, and infinity. Her work intend to draw connections between micro and macro entities. Bamboo, skeletons, and gradient stripes often appear in her work as symbols of oppression, fatigues, hopelessness, and empathy. Her work have been exhibited internationally in New York, Shanghai, and Hong Kong.


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