Case Study


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In 2022, I Heart Studios collaborated with GEOX to create a social media campaign named “Urban Discoveries”.
The campaign featured social media videos and images aimed at their APAC region clientele by showcasing sports, neighbourhoods, and urban culture to promote their newly released footwear.

I Heart offered a diverse range of marketing content creation for this project.
This included producing videos, creating visually appealing images, and
still product images to be used on the company's website and social media pages.

We offered a holistic range of services that included styling, creating mood boards,
suggesting locations, filming videos, and creatively styling images and product shots.
The result was visually compelling videos and images that showcased the comfortable
and urban-inspired design of Geox's product.

The success of the videos and images produced for GEOX focused on not only the functionality of their products but also the brand's identity and lifestyle that appealed to their target audience. The full-length video reached one million Facebook users and accumulated 2.16 million impressions. A Facebook post with lifestyle and sports-related images also reached over 76,000 users and had over 100,000 impressions. In addition, Geox asked I Heart Studios to create three additional short videos highlighting different locations to demonstrate the versatility and functionality of their product.